Cris Tales Wiki

The following achievements are featured in the game Cris Tales. There are 46 available achievements.

List of achievements[]

Name Description Icon
Through time itself Get the power of the crystals Through time itself.jpg
Miller team Save Ms. Miller's house in Narim Miller team.jpg
Apothecary team Save the Apothecary in Narim Apothecary team.jpg
Natural talent Recruit Willhelm Natural talent.jpg
Puppeteer First encounter with the Empress (Defeat Enzo) Puppeteer.jpg
Revolutionary cry Make Armando become the Mayor of St. Clarity. In good hands.jpg
The high class Make Sophia become the Mayor of St. Clarity. High class.jpg
In good hands Form the Council of the hand in St. Clarity In good hands both.png
3720 to 1 Recruit JKR721 3720 to 1.jpg
Dear old grandma Defeat Buki, the guardian Dear old grandma.jpg
Birds of a feather flock apart Birds of a feather flock apart Birds of a feather flock apart.jpg
Learn from the past Change the future of Neva Tulira's museum. Learn from the past.jpg
Academic Change the future of Neva Tulira's university. Academic.jpg
Jackpot Recruit Zas.
Zas Achievement.jpg
Fiery temper, steely resolve Defeat Galley and Volcano, the Empress' generals. Volley sis achievement.jpg
Blazen fire Defeat Nasar, the living Forge. Blazen fire.jpg
The work of a lifetime Find a cure for Glass Lung. Work of lifetime.jpg
The shadow and the animal Defeat Kari Hudo, the Soulweaver. Shadow & animal.jpg
Under the rubble Save Cinder from the lava wave. Under rubble.jpg
A friendly hand Save Volcano from impending doom. Friendly hand.jpg
Small but dangerous Recruit Kari Hudo. Small kari.jpg
A grim end Defeat the Time Empress. Grim end.jpg
Terminator Deactivate all terminals. Terminator.jpg
A somber destiny... You gave up while trying to stop Ardo... Somber destiny.jpg
Old friends, eternal enemies Defeat the Final Boss. Old friends eternal enemies.jpg
Learn from the past, act in the present and change the future. Defeat the Final Boss after completing all optional content. Learn act change.jpg
Machina recovery Help Adri develop a new Crystalarium based mechanism to help St Clarity Machina recovery.jpg
Memory to the fallen Help Noah honor the memory of those that fell during the war against the Empress Memory to the fallen.jpg
The Witness Discover what happened to Peter... The Witness.jpg
Old memories Open the strange book found inside the Museum storage to reveal its mysteries. Old memories.jpg
At the peak of celebration Help Dreena change how the floats of the parade will look in the future! Peak of celebration.jpg
Unlucky at heart Change the attitude of Joseph Oroitz towards little Sol. Unlucky at heart.jpg
Setting the basses With the help of Oropen, change the future of the cathedral inside the Salt Mines Setting basses.jpg
The tide rises Put little Fira's mind and heart at ease by helping Takna repair the leeves. Fira ahicevement.jpg
Healing hearts Reunite Jaru with his long lost wife, Kimber Jaru and kim.jpg
Royal decree Help Fenia repair her broken relationship with Galley and Volcano. Royal decree.jpg
The best, like no one ever was Capture all enemy souls with Kari Hudo Best like no one ever was.jpg
Technical problems Accidentally kill your entire party with JKR-721's overheat. Jkr explode.jpg
Rena armory Upgrade all weapons to their perfect form. Rena armory.jpg
Paulina would be proud Obtain all the Keychains in the game Paulina proud.jpg
Bullseye Do 500 "Perfect hits" Bullseye.jpg
Not bad, kid Do 500 "Parries" Not bad kid.jpg
Rainbow mess Kill 20 of each slime. Rainbow mess.jpg
How did we get here? Apply 5 status effects to a single enemy. How did we get here.jpg
Loot aficionado Open every chest in the game! Loot aficionado.jpg
Walking armory chest Obtain one of every equipment in the game. Walking armory chest.jpg