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Crisbell is the main character of Cris Tales. As a new Time Mage, she has the power to see the past and future, and can affect both of them.


Crisbell is a young girl with a fair complexion and slim figure, with dark red hair and dark blue eyes.


At the beginning of the game, Crisbell wear the same outfit as the other children of the Orphanage. The outfit consists of dark blue veil with a an orange flower, a white collared shirt with green arm bands, a blue dress, and black tights and dark blue shoes. The dress is split in the middle, revealing white and yellow layers, and over it are dark and lighter green layers, the latter has petal-like fabrics.

Her hair is tied into pigtails with orange bows.


After retrieving The Sword, Crisbell's appearance drastically changes. Her veil is gone, and her hair is tied up in a wild bun, with one braid on the side of her head.

Her dress has been altered, with the layers gone to reveal a light green pleated skirt. Her shirt loses the green armbands, and now has white cuffs. A dark blue sweater is tied around her waist. She keeps the black tights, but her shoes have been replaced with large grey boots with light grey folds, and dark blue straps with a black button on each.


Crisbell owns the power of time crystals that allows her to see and manipulate the past and the future. Despite the fact that Crisbell has so far been learning to use her powers, she is able to use her time manipulation skills to create synergies with her teammates and enhance the power of attacks.

Crisbell would possibly gain more powers after visiting stained-glass murals within the cathedrals of Crystalis.[1]


  • Originally, Sebastian Villarreal, the Creative Director of the game, wanted Crisbell with long hair, but discarded it due to technical problems.[2]


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Crisbell's weapon of choice was a time sword with a hollow center that can channels time magic.Gifted by Matias & Willhelm and created by Nasar this sword given Crisbell the abilities to invoke past/future crystals in the combat while also being a signature helper across her journey.Visit Wild Cat Armory for time synthesis upgrade services.

Weapon Tier Description & Flavor Text Stats & Cost (Marbles)
Sword Of Time
D:[Sword obtained from the chamber of time which can channel crystal magic.Its present form shows merely a shadow of its true power.]

F:<The sword of time is a powerful weapon created to help Time Mage control Crystal magic.While it may seem like a regular sword,it is capable of slicing & open time itself,allowing the user to invoke the Time Crystals.>


(1 -> 2)

2000 Marbles

Superior Sword Of Time
D:[Upgraded version of the Sword of Time.A hollow blade allows the user more control.]

F:<Improvements to the grip and pommel improve the flow of magic in this sword.The hole in the blade allows for a gradual discharge of excess magic,and makes the weapon easier to swing.>


(2 -> 3)

5000 Marbles

Weapon Crisbell 3.png
Perfected Sword Of Time
D:[The finest version of the Sword of Time.Improvements to the blade allows for the utmost finesse in striking.]

F:<Augmented with magical keychains,this blade is also extremely light and easy to use in close combat.The unique shape of the blade also helps to regulate the flow of magic in the user's body.>


(3 -> 4)

10000 Marbles

Weapon Crisbell 4.png
Sword Of The Lady
D:[A transformed version of the Sword of Time.The entire sword had been inlaid with the same gems used to make the stained glasses in the cathedrals.]

F:<Once wielded by the heroes of old,this sword now lends its power to you.Inscribed with the seal of the Lady and augmented with gems from the Millennium Rock,this weapon allows its holder to channel a massive amount of crystal magic.>


(4 -> 5)

15000 Marbles

Weapon Crisbell 5.png
True Sword Of The Lady
D:[The finest sword in existence.A more powerful gem has been socketed into the blade,unlocking the ultimate potential of its wielder.]

F:<The Lady used this weapon to create the flow of time by slicing apart the past,present and future.The sword itself seems to dance back and forth through time,cracks and rust appear out of nowhere,and then disappear just as suddenly.>

Fully Refined