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Sanctuary of Prayers & Subjugation[]

Lies in Center region of the Map Crystallis city foster the religions that practice by the world &hosting as a place for many fellow arcanist or warriors to demonstrate great use of their powers.With many advanced progression concentrate in one place few of the top ranking wish to take it all as their own & it had been a constant turmoil for those who seek peace in this region.As tension rose up all mysteries shall be revealed & all efforts will bear its fruits here.


Enemy HP Weakness Resistances Null Absorbs
Goblinair 269 Lightning Fire - -
Goblin Soldier 256 Lightning Fire - -
Elder Goblin 197 Lightning Fire - -
White Wolfred 125 - - - -
White Slimeling 231 - - Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth -
White Slime 209 - - Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth -
White Slimego 212 - - Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth -