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Marbles are main currency within the world of Crystallis. They are obtained by defeating enemies, completing quests, and selling items.


Items used by Crisbell and her allies during battles.

Item Name Effect Price


Anti Burn
Removes the "burn" status 300
Anti charm 2.png
Anti-Charm Mirror
Removes the "charmed" status 350
Antidote 2.png
Removes the "poisoned" status 480
Anti burn 2.png
Removes "mute" status 400
Apple flavored water 2.png
Apple Flavored Water
Removes the "berserk" status 400
Coffee 2.png
Cup of Coffee
A small cup of charged coffee that boosts speed and grants immunity to stun. 3000
Flask of Feathers
Brings a downed ally back to life with 20% of their health 1200
Full mixture.png
Full Mixture
Fully restores HP and MP. 7000
Healing bottle 2.png
Healing Bottle
Restores 250 HP to a single target. 3000
Healing Jar
Restores 500 HP to a single target. 1000
Healing Juice
Restores 120 HP to a single target. 200
Mana potion.png
Mana Potion
Restores 50 MP to the user 1000
Mana potion full 2.png
Mega Mana Potion
Restores 175 MP to the one target. 3000
Rainbow tea 2.png
Rainbow Tea
Restores 30 CP to a single target 400
Ringing bell 2.png
Ringing Bell
Removes the "stun" status 200
Tent 2.png
Restores all HP, MP and SP. Can only be used in soil patches and on the world map. 3000

Key Items[]

Items needed to progress through the story

Name Description Location
A single rose,stolen and now recovered.It looks like it's been through a lot.
A lone seed ready for planting.It seems to vibrate with strange energy.
Glow Fruit
A strange fruit encased in a gently-glowing shell.It seems magical in nature.
Skull Sticker
A cool sticker with a decorative skull on it.It doesn't stick much anymore.
Greenleaf Tonic
A bright green tonic made from glowfruit.It's the only thing that can help combat ash blight.
Time seeds
Special seeds that grow only on certain patches of soil. They quickly sprout into a crystal that allows a time mage to save their previous self.
Old Prototype Designs
An old blueprint made by Adri. It shows how to synthetizing machine was originally constructed.
Blue rose.png
Blue Rose
A beautiful blue rose. Grown near a small patch of dirt next to Armando's house.
Green rose.png
Green Rose
A beautiful green rose raised by Isabelle. It was grown with love and care.
Rose orange.png
Orange Rose
A beautiful orange rose handed by Richard. Grown in a pot inside his house.
Rose purple.png
Purple Rose
A beautiful purple rose. Grown in a small patch of dirt in the community field in Floodside.
Rose red.png
Red Rose
A beautiful red rose. Grown near the walls of St Clarity
Royal Crest
A Crest worn by the nobility of St Clarity, belonging to Christopher's family.
Peter's goggles
A pair of cracked goggles.
Battery adri.png
Power Cell
A small power cell retrieved from inside the synthetizing machine.It's still energized.
Motherboard adri.png
Crystal Motherboard
Complex circuitry created by Adri.Used to reprogram any kind of machine easily.
Proof of Betrayal
An orb that contains the memories of something Paulina saw at the docks.
Paulina shoe.png
paulina shoe
A stylish shoe made of marble.Changes size on command!Perfect to keep in your pocket,and even better to cross the sea!
Flask yellow.png
Water Flask
Some water has been recollected inside the bottle from one of the ponds in the lake. The mixture takes a yellowish color.
Cinderian Tool.png
Cinderian Tools
High quality glass tools.Used by Cinderian Artisans told mold glass and gems to perfection.They require a high level of craftsmanship to be properly used.
Love letter.png
Love Letter
Personal feelings and heartfelt words are written inside this letter.Don't peek,it looks personal.
Museum mirror.png
Soul Mirror
An old Tuliran artifact.This artifact is capable of showing a person's true feeling.
Museum ruler.png
Old Ruler
A long,wooden ruler.Seems outdated by today standard,but might hold some sentimental value to someone.
Buki piece head 2.png
Buki piece head
The head of Buki,the witness of Neva Tulira
Sample collector.png
Sample collector
Two bottles of Amber infused glass.The properties of this bottles make the whatever contents you put inside of them behave in strange manners.
Sample first.png
First salt sample
A small salt sample obtained from the Salt Mines.While being inside the bottle the salt keep a solid,almost metal-like state.
Sample second.png
Second salt sample
A small salt sample obtained from the Salt Mines.While being inside the bottle the salt keep a solid,almost metal-like state.Multiple chunks of salt can be seen inside.
Dreena ribbon.png
Pink Ribbon
A small pink ribbon.Made with beautiful silk.The star in center of it stands out from the rest of the design.
Dreena ribbon 2.png
Green Ribbon
A ribbon made with a vibrant green feather held together with a golden chain.It uses the design of the old Tuliran tribes.
Dreena ribbon 3.png
Blue Ribbon
A ribbon made with a vibrant blue feather held together with a golden chain.It uses the design of the old Tuliran tribes.
Gladys journal.png
Sealed Book
A special book with a unique seal protecting it.While it may appear like a simple burnt book,there's actually an extremely potent magic spell on it.Opening it without the key will result in its content vanishing.
Glady ring.png
Ring of the Matriarch
An unique ring. Embroiled in it it's the seal of the Oroitz. This ring can be used to open the sealed book, allowing the holder to read its contents.
Old Projector
Advanced crystalarium technology. A hologram that displays the last image that it recorded. This one shows a batallion of Guards of Neva Tulira. Adan and another warrior stand out from the others.
Holographic Projector
Advanced crystalarium technology. A hologram that displays the last image that it recorded. This one shows Gladys Oroitz, the former leading citizen of Tulira.
Glady's Testament
The Will of the deceased leader of Neva Tulira, Gladys Ororitz.Seems to be missing some pages.
Lava Lantern
A Lantern made of paper
Loose Fuse
A fuse used to initiate an explosive mechanism. Retrived from a...Lantern?
Cough medicine.png
Cough Medicine
Simple cough medicine.Used by Nomads to lessen the effects of Glass Lung,
Takna Toolbox.png
Set of Cinderian Tools
A small toolbox filled with multiple Cinderian tools.Normally used by many of the Artisans,Forgers and Crafters of Cinder.
Plated shoe.png
Magma-Plated Shoe
Paulina's shoe covered in a Layer of isolating metal! Perfect for navigating even the hottest lakes.
Leeves anthenna.png
Broken Crystalarium Control Panel
The main control panel of the Dockyard levees mechanism.Seems to be broken.
Leeves chain.png
leeves chain
A chain of reinforced metal.Seems to be part of a greater machine.
Leeves gear.png
Crystalarium Gear
A gear of reinforced metal.Seems to be a part of greater machine.
Engagement ring.png
Engraved Ring
A beautiful golden ring with an impressive engraving.A single gem decorates it.
Cure prototype.png
Cure prototype
The first prototype of a cure developed by Orola using Zero's research notes.
Torn out Rag.png
Piece of Torn Cloth
A piece of torn cloth obtained from the robes of a sick Cinderian.
Lava plushie.png
Galley's Doll
A small doll found in the cemetery.It belongs to Galley.
Cinder City Manual.png
Machinery Book
A book featuring collections of strange machinery.
Zero research diary.png
Zero's Research Notes
Zero's life-long research about the Glass Lung is written in the pages of this book.