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Matias is a talking frog in Cris Tales who helps Crisbell discover her powers.


Matias is an orange frog with a black top hat, and a matching bow tie. In a few instances, his body and leg have yellow patches with blue stitches.


When Matias is sent to the past, his form regresses to that of a froglet, which is smaller and slicker, and can only crawl. His hat and bow are the same size.


When Matias is sent to the future, his body appears more bloated and a darker shade of orange, which even darker shades of orange patches, and a lighter patch on his leg. His pupils become thin horizontal oval shaped.


Not much is known about Matias' backstory, other than that he kept a close eye on Crisbell before the events of the game. He and Willhelm also knew each other for some time.

Matias first appears at Narim Orphanage, where he steals Crisbell's rose. He lets her chase him around Narim until entering the Cathedral. It is after Crisbell activates the Crystals of Time that Matias formally introduces himself.


Time Hop[]

Matias has the ability to be sent to the past and future to interact with objects, or listen in on conversations. When he time hops, his appearance changes depending on when he is sent (a froglet in the past, and an fatter frog in the future).


  • Matias is inspired on the Phyllobates terribilis, also known as Golden Poison Frog, one of the most deadly animals in the planet and is found exclusively in Colombia.


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