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Volcano and Galley, collectively referred to as The Volcano SIsters, are a pair of bosses Crisbell first encounters in Narim, and are the first boss fight of the game.


The sisters are a pair of lithe pale women with strawberry blonde hair that reaches their shoulders, and red eyes. They also have large black horns, red and orange freckles, pointed ears, and sharp lower teeth jutting out of them mouths, evidence that they're not humans.

Volcano wears a breast plate and two large pauldrons over a black turtle sleeved shirt with a metal necklace-like collar around her neck. She also wears white pants, red and silver armor on her legs and arms, and metal slippers split into two. Her most distinguishable feature is the red rose over her right eye.

Galley wears a black sleeveless bodysuit and a thin black collar around her neck. Her armor is similar to her sister's, but her breast plate is least detailed than Volcano's, and she lacks red armor on her legs. She also wears a large red ribbon on one of her horns, and has a heart-shaped earring on one her left ear.


The sisters first appear after Crisbell and Cristopher defeat goblins attacking Narim.


Both sisters carry half of a large shield covered in spikes and chains, and when used together can block any attack, as long as it's in good condition.

They can use fire attacks by slamming their shield onto the ground.

They can also fly, or at least levitate off the ground.


  • Volcán Galeras, a volcano located in the south of Colombia, was the inspiration to give its name to the Volcano sisters, Galley and Volcano.
  • According to Sebastian Villarreal, Volcano was the first one created.


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