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Willhelm the Wise is a main character and one of Crisbell's teammates. As a Time Mage, his powers keep him in the form of a child, and is much older than he appears.


Due to his powers, he appears as a child with blue eyes and blond hair with a single blue steak.

His upper half is covered with worn bandages or wrappings, as well as what appears to be a dark blue scarf. His forearms are covered with black gloves with dark blue cuffs. He has a sash that goes around his waist, as well as pants and black boots that go up to his knees.

When standing, he carries what appears to be a helmet.



Not much is known about Willhelm’s Time Mage powers, other than that it prevents him from aging. This power extends to prevent Crisbell from seeing a possible Past or Future version of him; instead, there is a ghostly image of the Willhelm.

He also posses other forms of magic, apparently plant related, such as summoning Yucandragoras.



Willhelm and Matias seem to have known each other prior to the events of the game. They appear to not have a good relationship, as evident when Matias calls him a "pompous child," before Willhelm responds calling the former "stupid frog."


  • Willhelm is voiced by Lindsey Vega (FhaeLin), who is also the voice of Secretary Lana.
  • The Yucandragoras are inspired by a Colombian common tubercle called Yucca.
  • In the demo that included the Colosseum, Willhelm’s End Battle art was actually an enlarged version of his sprite pose, for when a fight was finished
  • According to Carlos Rocha Silva during a 2019 AMA, Willhelm's scythe also works as a "water gun."


Cinematic Opening[]

Gamescon 2020 Trailer[]


Willhelm's weapon of choice is a retractable scythe that he carried along decades after decades during his pilgrimage.Designed and forged under the vast knowledge of Crystallis' artificers the scythe provides good mobility to swing back and forth and enabling Willhelm channels its diversed natrual magics into yucandragoras,a walking little yuca that able to deliever all sorts of power to damage,heal,poison,buff & debuff to whomever needed it,making Willhelm a versatile and adaptive fighter.Visit Wild Cat Armory for time synthesis upgrade services.

Weapon Tier Description & Flavor Text Stats & Cost
Weapon willhelm 1.png
Botanist's Scythe
D:[Willhelm's magical scythe,infused with natrual magic.While rudimentary in form,it is useful extension of his magic.]

F:<The scythe is built with a simple mechanism to extend or retract the blade quickly while in combat.The shaft of the weapon channels Natrual magic.>


(1 -> 2)

1500 Marbles

Weapon Willhelm 2.png
Superior Botanist's Scythe
D:[Upgraded version of the scythe.The frame has been improved to make it sturdier.]

F:<Upgrades to the fastenings and mechanism of the blade make the weapon more powerful in combat.Improvements in the enchantment of the handle channel more natrual magic.>


(2 -> 3)

4000 Marbles

Weapon Willhelm 3.png
Exceptional Botanist's Scythe
D:[A further upgrade to the scythe.This version has upgrades to the overall balance and striking power of the weapon.]

F:<Runes added to the blade bot only increase the weapon's magical properties,but also increase striking power.The shaft has begun to branch out to adapt to the user's grip.>


(3 -> 4)

9000 Marbles

Weapon Willhelm 4.png
Scythe Of The Guardian
D:[Unique weapon created by further upgrading the scythe.The blade has been replaced by a mantis-like claw,while some small details have been added to allow for better control.]

F:<A major and highly innovative improvement on the normal scythe,this version has replaced the blade with a slashing mantis-claw.One swing can cause terrible lacerations.The shaft has started to sprout leaves because of the high level of natrual magic coursing through the weapon.>


(4 -> 5)

14000 Marbles

Weapon Willhelm 5.png
Scythe Of The Savior
D:[The ultimate form of the scythe.Natrual magic and time magic course through it in equal measure.Only the master artificers of Crystallis could have created such a weapon.]

F:<Once wielded by a chronomaster who saved the world,relics of his sacrifice adorn the weapon.The living wooden shaft of the weapon seems to age forwards and backwards at different times,because of the time magic radiating out of the blade.>

Fully Refined