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Zas is a playable character of Cris Tales and one of the Crisbell's teammates


Zas is a teenage girl with a slender athletic build, and appears to be taller than Crisbell. She has waist-length green hair separated into two ponytails, and dark brown eyes.

Her outfit consists of a coat with over a dark blue body suit, with one pant leg missing, revealing many green bandages covering her exposed leg. The coat resembles a greyish-green hoodie with white sleeves and green drawstrings. She also wears a dark blue hat, with the top part resembling cat ears, and sneakers.

Zas carries a large green bag.


Zas carries a magical bag that carries an assortment of items such as hammers, bombs, and clothing. For her magic moves, she summons a roulette wheel that can damage enemies or heal allies depending on the version.

Most of her attacks are based on luck however the roulettes are consistant if you have good timing


  • Zas first officially appeared in the game poster for Cris Tales, but concept art of her were in Sebastian Villarreal's Instagram as far back as November 2018.[1]
  • Zas would be the first playable character to have a past version of her, as a child version of her can be found in concept art
  • Sebastian Villarreal's nickname for Zas is "Waffle," as written in the description of concept art in his Instagram.[2]
  • On the Wireframe Issue 50 cover, it is revealed that Zas has cat ears.[3] This makes her the third team member that is non-human, the others being Matias and JKR-721.
  • Zas is the second tallest character of the group, after JKR-721



In Game[]




Zas' weapon of choice is a magical bag imbued with pocket dimension within that can spew out different & random object.Inherited from her father Zero the bag heavily influenced Zas' combat as a wildcard where her abilities of elemental spell,physical,heals,buffs & attack are determined by luck.Visit the Wild Cat Armory for time synthesis upgrade services.

Weapon Tier Description & Flavor Text Stats & Cost
Weapon Zas 1.png
Pouch O' Tricks
D:[Zas's magical bag.While it may seem small,there's actually a pocket dimension hidden inside it,allowing Zas to carry all sorts of weird things!]

F:<Hey?Why are you peeking?My bag might look small on the outside,but it's actually huge on the inside!Pretty neat,huh?But it does have a mind of its own,so you never know what's going to pop out of it.>


(1 ->2)

3000 Marbles

Weapon Zas 2.png
Purse O' Tricks
D:[Upgraded version of the Pouch O' Tricks.The design has been changed to make the opening bigger.The pocket dimension inside it has also been expanded.]

F:<Whoa,now it's even bigger!You know,I'm pretty sure my dad taught me how to use the magical mechanism. . .But I can't really remember,so I'm just kinda winging it.One time I tripped and spilled a whole bunch of crazy stuff!It was wild.>


(2 -> 3)

6400 Marbles

Weapon Zas 3.png
Satchel O' Tricks
D:[Third evolution of the magical bag.This design adds a lid to control the contents.]

F:<YES!This is such a huge improvement! I hate when I trip and spill useful stuff!Now if it was only a little better-looking,right?I mean,combat's cool and all,but a girl's gotta look stylish,too,right?>


(3 -> 4)

13000 Marbles

Weapon Zas 4.png
Mischief Bag
D:[A rather "tricked out" version of the magical bag.The design has been. . .embellished. . .and the bag is more durable.It appears that the bag itself can change its material composition at will.]

F:<Niiiiiice!Look at this sweet piece!It's freakin' adorable.Oh my gosh,the little heart. . .I can't even!Oh,and check it out--it can transform into iron or whatever.I could probably use it as a mobile shelter! Huh? What's inside?Lots of stuff!>


(4 -> 5)

17500 Marbles

Weapon Zas 5.png
Bag Of The Trickster!
D:[The final form of the magic bag. . .we hope.It has been decorated with precious gems and its design has been remade,giving it a. . .err,"unique" design.]

F:< I.CAN'T.EVEN.It's so pretty!Look look.Even the things that I had inside of it had changed!My bed is softer,my wardrobe has new clothes in it. . .Dude!Even the weapons are sharper! It doesn't get better than this.I wish I could show my dad.He'd go nuts!>

Fully Refined